Of  the 19,302 children in NYS foster care, 5,376 have a goal of adoption, and approximately 1,000 are legally freed and waiting for an adoptive family. 59% of children in NYS foster care reside in New York City and 41% in an upstate county. New York's children waiting for families are a diverse group, primarily 28% African-American, 12% Hispanic, and 21% White (data currently unavailable for the remaining 39%). Few waiting children are three years old or younger; many are between the ages of 6 and 13; and over one third are teens, ages 14 and over. Several waiting children have physical, mental, or emotional challenges and disabilities; or belong to sibling groups who need to be adopted together. All of the children waiting in care have experienced some neglect and/or abuse in their lives. They need the stability and unconditional love of a family so that they can learn to trust... and to ride bikes, make cookies, read, play basketball and dance! Prospective families who have an approved NYS homestudy to adopt from foster care are eligible to adopt a child in care anywhere in the United States. See photolisting sites of waiting children on the left and Interstate Adoption for information about adopting across state lines. All of these children are waiting to be adopted, but prospective families must have an approved homestudy and become certified adoptive parents to learn more about individual children, or be seriously considered as a potential adoptive family. Additional Resources:  

Last modified: March 20, 2015